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We appreciate your support and hope our Roundtables resonate, in addition to the established networks of our guests, we humbly call upon our friends to share our Roundtables across all social media platforms.

In addition, considering the sensitive subject matter of our presentations, we also very much appreciate supportive commentary as these topics tend to attract both empty shell bots/algorithm and on occasion, even a few live ones have been known to "grace" us with their systematic divide and conquer opposition presence.

That said, know TMT doesn't necessarily support all views as expressed by our guests, nor do we represent them.

It is the policy of TMT to not engage with devisive commentary which trolls and or empty shell ai bots/algorithm are known to bring. While we covet free speech, we don't support devisive, argumentive m.o's and will refer such commentary to this page as a friendly reminder.

We invite all who question the position of our guests to contact Them directly. Although they may, we don't expect our guests to answer any commentary whether it be in opposition or in acknowledging support.

TMT isn't looking for debates, but rather seeking those who resonate with the messages of our guests and thus supportive of.

Debates are on the radar and should there be suggestions, please feel free to reach out by email as we enjoy hearing from the community. Of course that includes all guest suggestions beyond the debate format.

Continued thanks to all for your support of Transparent Media Truth.

#TogetherWeGotThis 👊

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